Sappho Bot Tweets: A Chilliad Retrospective

"was this tweet about those croissants?"

saff with her nose pressed against the bakery croissant display case:

saff shouting at helen through the shared bathroom to hurry finishing her makeup so they can go to the oracle and look at delphine while pretending to do homework:

saff, fully embodying the spirit of Drunk Girl You Meet In A Bathroom, holding a stranger’s face in her hands at the sinks and looking deep into her eyes, crying with sincerity:

saff, 10 seconds before saying, “ACTUALLY, AND ANOTHER THING—”

saff after someone in the house eats the last of the snyder’s honey mustard pretzels and doesn’t replace the bag:

saff reporting back to helen on the performance of paris’s panic! at the disco cover band:

saff to literally any stranger: so anyway when i was nine my family went on vacation to this weird log cabin in the woods and i fell into the well and i was stuck in that well for an hour and a half before they found me and i really feel like that’s kind of where the start of my trauma began you know, like that’s when the whole kind of concept of loneliness really took root in my soul and that’s why i’m such an intense person in relationships and friendships because i’m so afraid of being left like that again and actually now that i think about it, like, the ancestral trauma of my family because my mom — oh, you don’t even know this, okay, so my mom, when she was fourteen, right —

saff attempting to say one (1) emotionally earnest thing to delphine:

saff trying to get dité to help her cheat on her chemistry final:

drunk saff threatening manny & aggy not to pull any pranks during her birthday party:

saff, watching her phone screen light up with her dad’s name the second her grades are released online:

thanks to @sapphobot, support them on kofi.

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