What is The Chilliad?

the chilliad is a retelling of the iliad which takes place in “modern times,” within the greek system on an american university campus. which university? just one of them, it doesn’t matter which. it’s probably in new england. i would describe the education they are getting there as “basically fine.”

How faithful to The Iliad is The Chilliad?

with the understanding that it would be impossible to tell a story on a college campus that had the scope of the iliad, not to mention the really very high volume of rape, murder, magic, and also travel, it’s pretty faithful. there are a few significant changes, which are:

  1. a few characters have been snatched from the odyssey to play very minor roles.

  2. there is a much greater focus on the women of the iliad, and their perspectives of events.

  3. i have blithely and willfully changed almost everything about fraternity culture, because, not as a joke, i think they are toxic cesspits of really gross behavior in real life. also, real life fraternities are boring. they’re just social clubs. we pretend they’re fancier than that but they aren’t. anyway, these fraternities are much gentler, because there’s enough in the world about all the bad things and i didn’t really feel like Getting Into It, you know?

  4. the poet sappho is there. why? no reason. i just wanted her to be, and i get to do that, because i’m the author and no one can stop me.

If I am a classics buff, will I like or hate The Chilliad?

hard to say, babe! i think if you want a piece of writing that takes the iliad very seriously, rather than just loving it a lot, you may not like the chilliad. i have to reiterate that it takes place as a prank war between two fraternities so if you’re looking for something which is not 99% jokes, this is probably not the publication for you.

What do I get with a paid account, once that’s an option (which it is not yet)?

all the extras! everyone can read the chilliad, because i’m gonna write it whether any of you read it or not. ART FOR ART’S SAKE, BABEY! i am still experimenting with this format and figuring it all out, so for now everyone can read everything, but the idea is in the future maybe i will be able to have threads where people request side stories or character updates/backstories/etc. i probably wouldn’t be writing those without the paid feature, just because they take time and energy and i’m just 1 lil trashcan trying to make it to dumpster day. so paid accounts, when they’re available, will receive side stories, back stories, event retellings from a different perspective, character studies, social media threads/group chats, you know. those kinds of things.

basically the parts of stories that i, personally, am always hungry for when i’m reading something but which authors rarely give to us because … they are telling the main story. ALSO, i would love to feature people’s like, art? i would love to feature my own art except of course for the fact that i am terrible at art. do you guys want to see my stick figures? i can show you those.